Going out with W-ARTE!

Going out with W-arte! constitutes one of our artistic and educational programmes, which takes place in various types of space, establishing a local exchange and collaboration network with the most interesting institutions, artists, settings and spots brimming with cultural and entertainment activity.

Going out with W-arte! A notion of a “wan­de­ring” arti­stic pro­gram­me, defi­ned by mobi­li­ty of orga­ni­zed events and pro­duc­tions, blends the essen­ce of all three sphe­res of our acti­vi­ty, Art Busi­ness, Art Edu and Art Sto­re and illu­stra­tes the focus of Going out with W-arte!

By plan­ting a seed of inno­va­ti­ve events, out­co­me of our col­la­bo­ra­tion with a varie­ty of pla­ces and arti­sts tra­ced back to the ear­ly con­cepts, we assu­me the mind­set of a think-thank and deve­lop them along­si­de our part­ners during cre­ati­ve and pro­duc­tion pro­cess.

By expan­ding our sco­pe of ope­ra­tion bey­ond the sta­tio­na­ry venue, W-arte! Łowic­ka 56/3, we deve­lop pro­jects of a gre­ater sca­le as well as of a dif­fe­rent pro­fi­le and dimen­sion, which allows the results of our work to be seen more wide­ly, wit­nes­sed by more diver­se audien­ce.