Concept Store

Our cosy space under the auspices of W-arte! Łowicka 56/3 is home to concept store with selected fashion brands and collections of rising stars representing clothing design.

In this pla­ce you will find design and limi­ted edi­tions of artic­les, which were cre­ated in col­la­bo­ra­tion with arti­sts and pro­du­ced thro­ugh dia­lo­gue with busi­ness branch. Our pop-up sto­re boasts a roster of fashion desi­gners. The­re­wi­thal, our offer inc­lu­des ori­gi­nal gra­phics, niche publi­ca­tions and art books.

The selec­tion and form of the display ele­ments convey the idea of har­mo­nio­us spa­ce plan­ning, whe­re the arti­stry of objects enco­ura­ges cre­ati­ve thin­king and work. The inte­rior décor featu­res an uni­que design and spa­tial instal­la­tion pro­jects car­ried out upon Warte!’s orders.

Con­du­ci­ve to social meetings, our arti­stic café is inte­gra­ted with the con­cept sto­re. On requ­est, our spot can serve as micro-cowor­king spa­ce, howe­ver, sho­uld you cho­ose to make your­self ava­il of it, ple­ase noti­fy us by tele­pho­ne in advan­ce. The café and con­cept sto­re are acces­si­ble to eve­ry­one stric­tly during our open events.