Gdynia Film School 27th and 28th March 2018

Art Edu zone expands con­tacts and expe­rien­ce. We focus on talen­ted young people, we give them the prac­ti­ce and the oppor­tu­ni­ty to con­front ide­as with men­tors befo­re they are imple­men­ted. This very much helps with jum­ping in the deep end of the of the expe­rien­ce.
Behind us is the third edi­tion of the work­shops, orga­ni­zed in coope­ra­tion with W-arte­/ak­toR­stu­dio with Gdy­nia Film Scho­ol. Very inten­si­ve two days work­shops con­duc­ted under the super­vi­sion of Roma Gąsio­row­ska as a coach, betwe­en stu­dium aktor­stu­dio stu­dents and young direc­tors of Gdy­nia Film Scho­ol.
Under the super­vi­sion of Sła­wek Fabic­ki, Robert Gliń­ski and Filip
Mar­czew­ski, sce­nes were cre­ated with the par­ti­ci­pa­tion of stu­dents and our gra­du­ates pre­vio­usly selec­ted from our wor­ko­shop.
An ama­zing expe­rien­ce, very instruc­ti­ve for all par­ti­ci­pants and, abo­ve all, fru­it­ful con­tacts betwe­en the envi­ron­ment of young actors and young direc­tors. Pri­ce­less.