Categories of events

Listed below is short descrip­tion cap­tu­ring the essen­ce of the respec­ti­ve event cate­go­ries. The offe­red pro­gram­me orga­ni­cal­ly inte­gra­tes eve­ry W-arte!’s sphe­re of acti­vi­ty in a seam­less way.

We play a game with conven­tions, main­ta­ining open and adap­ta­ble model of all art forms. We assi­gned a cate­go­ry to eve­ry event com­pi­led in our Calen­dar.

  • party

  • impro(visation)

  • performance

  • stand-up comedy

  • show

  • storytelling

  • concert

  • workshop

  • discussion

  • podcast

  • publication

  • exhibition

  • art installation

  • screening

  • fit/bio

  • film