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W-arte! Slow Fast Life

Slow Fast Life

That is how we call the phi­lo­so­phy cre­ated by our foun­der – Roma Gąsio­row­ska. It con­cen­tra­tes on mind­ful­ness and eve­ry­day cele­bra­tion of sim­ple ple­asu­res. 

Slow Fast Life is an appro­ach to life in which pie­ce of mind is achie­ved thro­ugho­ut action. The main goal is to find a per­fect balan­ce betwe­en pro­fes­sio­nal life, eve­ry­day obli­ga­tions and time for all the people and valu­es that mat­ter to you. We live in a mul­ti­ta­sking socie­ty, each day we have a who­le set of respon­si­bi­li­ties, pla­ces we must see, things we must do. It might be stress­ful and chal­len­ging but it does not have to be so – Slow Fast Life will sup­ply you with pro­per tools to stay sane and true to your­self. 

The cen­ter­pie­ce of this phi­lo­so­phy is awa­re­ness – being awa­re of the world, of what is hap­pe­ning aro­und you, but most of all – what is hap­pe­ning to you. You are the Sun in this gala­xy, which is why you sho­uld never feel guil­ty when you take care of your­self, when you cele­bra­te your sim­ple ple­asu­res or prio­ri­ties valu­es which mat­ter to you over work expec­ta­tions. Slow Fas Life is whe­re you find per­fect equ­ili­brium betwe­en respon­si­bi­li­ties, inner strength and peace­ful­ness. You do not have to run away from the world to find silen­ce and hear your own – it is all alre­ady in you, you sim­ply need to let go.