Ada Kaźmierczak

Ada is a gra­du­ate of the aktoR­stu­dio, sin­ger, com­po­ser, son­gw­ri­ter and direc­tor of music vide­os, who pro­po­ses music mate­rial expan­ding on her fond­ness for “black sound”. . In her field, she excels at inter­pre­ting glo­bal trends, which failed to reach our music record mar­ket as of yet. Ada intro­du­ces a blend of inspi­ra­tions on the edge of synth-pop, soul and the ‘90s/2000s hip hop, leave­ned with the new wave of R&B. Uni­que solu­tions, tin­ke­ring with tem­po and digi­tal modi­fi­ca­tion of sounds whi­le main­ta­ining har­mo­nio­us tunes – this is the hal­l­mark of her com­po­si­tions.

She col­la­bo­ra­ted with the young Jama­ican music pro­du­cer “Time Cow” as well as with Olo Motha­shipp, with whom she rele­ased her first tracks onli­ne (a cover ver­sion of Beyonce’s “Love on Top” and her first own sin­gle “Sun­li­ght”). She also per­for­med with the band Orte­ga Car­tel during the­ir debut con­cert at the Pal­la­dium Club in War­saw. Ada’s “The Long Kiss Good­ni­ght” tur­ned up on the “Show Your Soul 2” com­pi­la­tion.

Sin­ce her col­la­bo­ra­tion with “Time Cow”, she recor­ded two new sin­gles: “SAM” and “Jak zło­to” (“Like Gold”), the lat­ter featu­ring with well known rap­per Reno

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