Voluntary Service

Everyone willing to participate in creating the atmosphere of W-arte! is invited for practice within the selected sphere (Art Business, Art Edu, Art Store) or unorthodox productions and events.

Recru­it­ment for the open volun­ta­ry work pro­gram­me, gra­du­ate prac­ti­cal tra­ining and intern­ship con­ti­nu­es thro­ugho­ut the year. The form of coope­ra­tion is indi­vi­du­al­ly adap­ted to the pro­fi­le of a can­di­da­te, all regar­dless of your age* and expe­rien­ce!

We are ada­mant that eve­ry­one con­tri­bu­ting to W-arte! sho­uld have the chan­ce to get fami­liar with our man­ner of ope­ra­ting, but also build momen­tum under the eye of spe­cia­li­sts.

Even if you are ava­ila­ble for only a hand­ful of hours a month, we will still find an ide­al entry-level pac­ka­ge of events and acti­vi­ties for you to par­ti­ci­pa­te in, so you can gain expe­rien­ce and learn thro­ugh prac­ti­ce. You are welco­me to under­go an intern­ship by joining our pro­duc­tion team.

The W-arte! volun­ta­ry servi­ce and intern­ship is more than just a per­fect prac­ti­ce oppor­tu­ni­ty – you are looking at a gre­at adven­tu­re with cul­tu­re, art, social media and busi­ness.
Con­tact us: wolontariat@w-arte.pl.
* *minors requ­ire writ­ten autho­ri­za­tion from parents/guardians.