Singing workshops with Marika

You feel that you have a vocal talent but you do not know how to make the first steps in the music indu­stry? Or may­be you dre­am abo­ut star­ting your band?
For all tho­se who are at the begin­ning of the­ir musi­cal path and need a solid dose of moti­va­tion and inspi­ra­tion, we have pre­pa­red a uni­que five-hour vocal work­shop with Mari­ka.

Mari­ka, a very expe­rien­ced enter­ta­iner and vol­ca­no of good ener­gy, wil­lin­gly sha­res with her par­ti­ci­pants her vocal and sta­ge expe­rien­ce. The work­shop will address tech­ni­qu­es to enhan­ce pro­per bre­athing, arti­cu­la­tion, voice emis­sion, work with a micro­pho­ne, sta­ge per­for­man­ce. You will also learn how to wri­te a good song – you will learn the secrets of the son­gw­ri­ting work­shop.
It will not be a dry, boring lec­tu­re, but a juicy hand­ful of know-how and spe­ci­fic vocal exer­ci­ses, tips and con­struc­ti­ve com­ments.
NOTE: Each par­ti­ci­pant sho­uld pre­pa­re to sing a song.

Mari­ka Mar­ta Kosa­kow­ska is a Polish voca­list, son­gw­ri­ter, radio DJ. Her sty­le is a mixtu­re of reg­gae, dan­ce­hall, funk and soul music. Hailed the First Lady of Polish dan­ce­hall, she is best known for ener­ge­tic shows, strong voice and con­scio­us lyrics.
Mari­ka has play­ed hun­dreds of shows in clubs thro­ugho­ut the coun­try and abro­ad. She sup­por­ted arti­sts such as Sean Paul, Mis­sy Elliott, Macy Gray, Gen­tle­man, Nas, Damian Mar­ley, Julian Mar­ley and Inner Circ­le.
As of 2013, Mari­ka is the host of The Voice of Poland on TVP 2 chan­nel.

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