Bring Your Own Beamer


Otwarcie drzwi, godz.17:00

Live sety audiowizualne - godz. 19:00-21:00

W-arte! Łowicka 56/3

Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an open, ephe­me­ric exhi­bi­tion featu­ring arti­sts, who­se acti­vi­ty focu­ses on media and tech­no­lo­gies. The ori­gi­nal for­mu­la was con­ce­ived in 2010 by Rafa­ël Rozen­da­al, a Dutch-Bra­zi­lian artist.

Eve­ry­one is welco­me to pre­sent the­ir work. We endor­se pro­jec­tions, instal­la­tions, inven­tions, A/V live sets, digi­tal pre­sen­ta­tions and VR mate­rials. The the­ma­tic focus of the meeting encom­pas­ses algo­ri­thms and laten­cy.
As Mat­teo Pasqu­inel­li sta­ted in “The blind eye of the algo­ri­thms”, „(…)the eye of the algo­ri­thm is torn into pie­ces, like an eye of a mise­ra­ble demi-god”

We ren­der this topic quite exten­si­ve­ly, as a pat­tern of beha­vio­ur endor­sing the pri­ma­cy of media and demon­stra­ting a poten­tial for cre­ati­ve distor­tion of envi­ron­ment. Our inte­rest went bey­ond the mes­sa­ge car­ried by the “light pro­jec­tion” and inste­ad focu­sed on its inte­rac­tion with the “living tis­sue”. Laten­cy means delay, an off­set betwe­en a gestu­re or beha­vior and its digi­tal media­tion, and deflects time-spa­ce. How does “data­ve­il­len­ce” ope­ra­te today?