Painting Exhibition of Mariusz Gutowski


godz: 19:00

W-arte Łowicka 56/3


The exhi­bi­tion by Mariusz Gutow­ski in the spa­ce of W-arte Shop is a uni­que oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a clo­ser look at the artist’s work, meeting and exchan­ge of ide­as.

Mariusz Gutow­ski is a pain­ter and illu­stra­tor. He stu­died Fine Arts at the Uni­ver­si­ty of War­mia and Mazu­ry in Olsz­tyn in 2002-2007. He rece­ived a diplo­ma with distinc­tion in the pain­ting stu­dio of Pro­fes­sor Euge­niusz Geno Mał­kow­ski in 2007. Appre­cia­ted in the Kom­pas Sztu­ki ran­king as a pro­mi­sing young artist. His works are in pri­va­te and sta­te col­lec­tions. You can also find them in our sto­re