The screening of “Talking Women”


godz.20:00, W-arte Łowicka 56/3

The dyna­mic duo SPÓŁDZIELNIA (Coope­ra­ti­ve) intro­du­ces its newest film.

“Befo­re we were born, Krzysz­tof Kie­ślow­ski made the “Tal­king Women” docu­men­ta­ry. In 2016, we embar­ked to reite­ra­te his questions

As the cre­ati­ve duo SPÓŁDZIELNIA, we are inte­re­sted in women. On top of that, (in some cases) we main­ta­in an unbe­ara­bly pre­ci­se natu­re. In our film, we gave voice to a hun­dred women (and one). The youn­gest is one year old, the oldest one reached the age of 100 years old. For just a moment, they let us in the­ir lives, display­ing a tiny bit of the­ir inti­ma­cy and expo­sing them­se­lves. Toge­ther they stand as a reflec­tion of eve­ry one of us or eve­ry one of you. They are just like you, they con­sti­tu­te what you never wan­ted to be, what you will one day beco­me, what we once were. The­se are your mothers and sisters, your friends and girls, whom you despi­se. “Tal­king Women” is a col­lec­ti­ve por­tra­it of women.

Our films are made witho­ut a fixed bud­get. “Tal­king Women” was shot and edi­ted using home equ­ip­ment. We would appro­ach women ran­dom­ly enco­un­te­red on the stre­et, women from our fami­lies and friends of friends. Our only cri­te­rion was the year of birth. The­ir answers were put in chro­no­lo­gi­cal order and con­ta­ined within 25-minu­tes long film”.

Gra­ży­na Kopeć i Mag­da Karel – a dyna­mic duo SPÓŁDZIELNIA. They met at the Facul­ty of Acting of the The­atre Aca­de­my in War­saw, and sin­ce 2014 they have been enga­ging in col­la­bo­ra­tion as inde­pen­dent arti­sts focu­sed on “no-bud­get” films. The­ir first outing – kOBIE­ty (“wOMEN”) – featu­red the­ir dau­gh­ters, mothers, grand­mo­ther and them­se­lves