Acting workshops with Gary Condes 11-16 September 2017


godz.09:00-22:00, W-arte Łowicka 56/3, Warszawa

In the envi­ron­ment of pro­fes­sio­nal actors, Gary Con­des rare­ly needs to be pre­sen­ted. He is a man with 20 years of the­ater, film and tele­vi­sion expe­rien­ce. He per­for­med, among others on the sta­ges of the West End, Off-West End, reper­to­ire and tra­ve­ling the­ater. During his tenu­re as a teacher of Meisner’s tech­ni­que, he wor­ked with pro­mi­nent per­so­na­li­ties like Sam Roc­kwell (“Moon”), Hele­na Bon­ham Car­ter (“Wings of the Dove”), Colin Firth (“Fever Pitch”) and Ray Win­sto­ne (“Five Seconds to Spa­re “).

For over 10 years he has been tra­ve­ling all over the world, sha­ring his know­led­ge, expe­rien­ce and skills. He tau­ght actors in Lon­don, Paris, Zurich, Kra­kow and Pra­gue. Gary’s work­shop is deeply rooted in Meisner’s tech­ni­que, but also inspi­red by the selec­ti­ve prac­ti­ces of Stel­la Adler and Sta­ni­sław­ski. He enco­ura­ges the actors to work from the bot­tom of the­ir hearts, not from the intel­lec­tu­al head. Accor­ding to Gary, the role of the actor is to give the vie­wer an emo­tio­nal “kick” and what they do on the sta­ge is hap­pe­ning at the moment. Con­des’ aim is to lead the actors to the path thro­ugh which they will be coura­ge­ous or even fear­less, but at the same time spe­ci­fic and pre­ci­se in the­ir expres­sion. It’s abo­ut com­bi­ning arti­stry with tech­ni­cal disci­pli­ne in such a way that eve­ry per­for­man­ce is fil­led with real life.

In addi­tion to cour­ses Gary also con­ducts indi­vi­du­al tra­inings, pre­pa­ring actors for roles in featu­re films, the­ater pro­duc­tions and tele­vi­sion series. He wor­ked, among others with Lars Von Trier’s “Nym­pho­ma­niac”, “Game of Thro­nes” by HBO, or “Youth” by Paolo Sor­ren­ti­no.