Acting workshops with Magdalena Lamparska and Ewa Łepecka


W-arte Łowicka 56/3


Two days work­shop pre­pa­ring for fore­ign castings in English,

We would like to invi­te all tho­se who would like to spend a few inten­se hours of work to gain con­fi­den­ce in the came­ra in the role of acting in a fore­ign lan­gu­age, but also in Polish. We focus on natu­ral­ness, indi­vi­du­ali­ty, truth and expres­si­ve­ness.
25.08.2018 6 h with Mag­da­le­na Lam­par­ska
10.00-13.00 and 13.30-16.30
26.08.2018 4 hours with Ewa Łepec­ka
10.00-12.00 and 12.30-14.30

During six hours of inten­si­ve work with Mag­da­le­na Lam­par­ska, you will learn how to pre­pa­re for fore­ign castings. Mag­da has exten­si­ve expe­rien­ce in wor­king in Los Ange­les, she knows what casting direc­tors are put­ting on. The methods of her work are taken direc­tly from her expe­rien­ce wor­king with coaches in Hol­ly­wo­od.
Today, the mar­kets are ope­ning to the Poles, the actors but also people witho­ut expe­rien­ce , but which has the coura­ge to try the­ir hand at trials for fore­ign pro­duc­tions. Not only in English, but Ger­man, Rus­sian, Czech …
A few of our gra­du­ates have alre­ady rece­ived roles or epi­so­des in fore­ign pro­duc­tions, some even dared to leave thanks to the­ir clas­ses with Mag­da

The second part will be led by a pro­fes­sio­nal casting direc­tor, Ewa Krzy­ża­now­ska – Łepec­ka, who will intro­du­ce the par­ti­ci­pants to the secrets of her pro­fes­sion.
Work­shop par­ti­ci­pants will work on a pro­fes­sio­nal “show­ca­se”, which will be sent to the orga­ni­zers for the work­shops. «Busi­ness card» is a tool used by direc­tors of casting to pre­sent people in the so-cal­led “natu­ral, neu­tral sta­te”, which con­tra­ry to appe­aran­ces, is not so sim­ple. How to natu­ral­ly fall out, not to over­co­me stress and pre­sent our­se­lves in such a way that the direc­tor and pro­du­cers sen­se in us the poten­tial and readi­ness to work.
The busi­ness cards will be recor­ded in Polish and English and will be ava­ila­ble to the par­ti­ci­pants after the work­shops. Ewa Krzy­ża­now­ska – Łepec­ka is a gra­du­ate of copy­ri­ght at the Jagiel­lo­nian Uni­ver­si­ty, film pro­duc­tion and Direc­ting Actors cour­se