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W-arte! Our productions

Our productions


The crux of “Płyń” lies whe­re a con­cert, play and music video mer­ge into a sin­gle show boasting an open model, whi­le arti­sts repre­sen­ting dif­fe­rent fields esta­blish explo­si­ve mixtu­re of tem­pe­ra­ments, per­so­na­li­ties and arti­stic forms. The musi­cal com­po­si­tions and lyrics from “J.P. Śli­wa”, the third solo album by Piotr Roguc­ki, serve as the cor­ner­sto­ne for the pro­ject direc­ted by Roma Gąsio­row­ska, Pia Par­tum and Woj­tek Urbań­ski.

As a sce­nic ende­avor with live music, “Płyń” com­bi­nes a varie­ty of art fields, for instan­ce the­atre, music, video-art, col­la­ge, film and per­for­man­ce, simul­ta­ne­ously inter­twi­ning video mate­rials with dra­ma­tur­gic reso­nan­ce and con­tent typi­cal for social media. This uni­que pro­ject assem­bled arti­sts of vario­us fields, making them its full-fled­ged cre­ators and gran­ting them cre­ati­ve fre­edom witho­ut boun­da­ries. Based on musi­cal com­po­si­tions and lyrics from Piotr Rogucki’s “J.P. Śli­wa”, the show marks the debut pro­duc­tion of the W-arte! Open Art Spa­ce, an arti­stic and edu­ca­tio­nal pro­ject of Roma Gąsio­row­ska.

Esta­bli­shing an open dia­lo­gue with the audien­ce over the chan­ging role of an artist in the con­tem­po­ra­ry world and the com­men­ta­ry on topi­cal issu­es ack­now­led­ged by media serve as the mes­sa­ge of “Płyń”. The pro­ta­go­nist, Jan Paweł Śli­wa, con­si­ders him­self desti­ned for gre­at­ness. Unsuc­cess­ful in his attempts to find reco­gni­tion among public, he pur­su­es his voca­tion, intent on expres­sing him­self thro­ugh arts. Even­tu­al­ly, a ter­ro­rist act pro­ves to be his idea of a magnum opus and a hal­l­mark of a fru­stra­ted under­dog.

The cre­ators of “Płyń” aim at explo­ring the the­me of value sys­tems in the world of dete­rio­ra­ting ide­als, faith and huma­ni­ty: what is of a true impor­tan­ce?

– Along with Piotr Roguc­ki, we intend to unve­il the model of an autho­ri­ta­rian artist, direc­tor or sta­ge mana­ger. All of our col­la­bo­ra­tors put the­ir own ori­gi­nal ide­as into prac­ti­ce, as I offe­red them cre­ati­ve fre­edom. We are looking at an arti­stic com­bi­na­tion, whe­re even video-art for­mat has its pur­po­se, fin­ding Aga­ta Kule­sza as the direc­tor of the mother’s mono­lo­gu­es. The­re are also music vide­os shot by Michał Boja­ra, his take on con­di­tion of a con­tem­po­ra­ry artist in the Inter­net age, inter­wo­ven with tra­shy vide­os, quin­tes­sen­tial to the inter­net set­ting. We deemed the result a concert/show/music video, as the pro­ject defies sim­ple con­cert aesthe­tics clas­si­fi­ca­tion, neither is it a mere sta­ging – Gąsio­row­ska conc­lu­des.

„PŁYŃ” – concert/show/video music
Pre­mie­re show – 26 Febru­ary 2017
Pre­mie­re show – 27 Fer­bru­ary 2017
Club Sto­do­ła, local time. 20:30
Tic­kets ava­ila­ble on: ebilet.pl & stodola.pl

Direc­ted by: Roma Gąsio­row­ska, Pia Par­tum, Woj­tek Urbań­ski.
Cast: Tomasz Schu­chardt, Piotr Roguc­ki, Matyl­da Damięc­ka, Ire­na Mel­cer and Aga­ta Kule­sza ( video-art ), with band of musi­cians.
Script and lyrics: Piotr Roguc­ki.
Set design: Roma Gąsio­row­ska, Michał Boja­ra, Tomasz Sie­rot­ko.
Costu­me design: Flo­ra Kamu­siń­ska, Roma Gąsio­row­ska, Pau­li­na Ptasz­nik.
Sta­ge ligh­ting: Tomasz Sie­rot­ko.

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