The W-arte! Residence Programme pursues one of the most essential missions of our modus operandi, as we search for young talent, debuts, artistic projects and elaborate ideas to connect business with different sectors of artistic and cultural life.

The W-arte! Artist-in-resi­den­ce addres­ses the needs of a varie­ty of authors and per­forms its mis­sion as an open pro­gram­me of tem­po­ra­ry col­la­bo­ra­tion, which might last betwe­en one and twe­lve mon­ths. The natu­re and sco­pe of the ope­ra­tio­nal pro­gram­me is depen­dent on arti­stic acti­vi­ty of an appli­cant, along with his or her pre­fe­ren­ces and sha­pe in which a pro­ject or work of art might be reali­sed.

W-arte! sup­ports arti­sts and authors pri­ma­ri­ly in the area of edu­ca­tion and pro­duc­tion. We also pro­vi­de oppor­tu­ni­ty to esta­blish col­la­bo­ra­tion with other arti­sts, insti­tu­tions, and in spe­cial cases, cor­po­ra­te clients. We make our venu­es ava­ila­ble and pro­vi­de tech­ni­cal sup­port for vario­us art pro­jects.

How to register?

Infor­ma­tion abo­ut sub­mis­sion of appli­ca­tions to the Pro­gram­me will be anno­un­ced in the News sec­tion of our websi­te One month and a few month pro­gram­mes will be con­duc­ted on the basis of noti­fied pro­jects, and for that reason we invi­te you to ten­der the descrip­tions of your ide­as at