BYOB „Fake actions / Fatal errors”


godz. 19:00-22:00

W-arte! Łowicka 56/3


Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an open, ephe­me­ric exhi­bi­tion featu­ring arti­sts, who­se acti­vi­ty focu­ses on media and tech­no­lo­gies. The ori­gi­nal for­mu­la was con­ce­ived in 2010 by Rafa­ël Rozen­da­al, a Dutch-Bra­zi­lian artist.Rafa­ël Rozen­da­al (Ber­lin 2010).
Eve­ry­one can pre­sent the­ir works, as for the second time our BYOB will take pla­ce within the W-arte! Open Art Spa­ce in the Moko­tów district. We endor­se pro­jec­tions, instal­la­tions, inven­tions, A/V live sets, digi­tal pre­sen­ta­tions and VR mate­rials.

Simi­lar­ly to the time and spa­ce, the VJ’s visu­als are sub­ject to real-time post-pro­duc­tion,, han­ded to obse­rvers on a pla­te. Video Joc­key “sam­ples” and converts the visu­al cul­tu­re heri­ta­ge. The VJ’s live act is all abo­ut ima­ges, spa­ce and dif­fe­rent kinds of aesthe­tics, repre­sen­ted by fil­ters and fx ava­ila­ble in pho­to mixer-esque softwa­re, being remi­xed or visu­al­ly reco­nver­ted in real time. Thus, the sty­li­stics of live ima­ge-mixing isn’t uni­form and rema­ins depen­da­ble on appro­ach to the post-pro­duc­tion pro­cess.

“Fake actions/Fatal errors” is a BYOB exhi­bi­tion car­ried under the ban­ner of the aesthe­tics of error and post-pro­duc­tion, ful­fil­ling the notion of the “post-inter­net April Fools’ Day”. We have explo­red the modus ope­ran­di of hac­ker gro­ups and pic­tu­res distor­ted by the effects stem­ming from the ava­ila­ble PC softwa­re and appli­ca­tions. Appli­ca­tions are rece­ived up to March 30 at
The ‘BYOB War­saw’ docu­men­ta­tion can be found in the fol­lo­wing onli­ne cata­lo­gue:

Note: The arti­sts assem­ble the­ir instal­la­tions betwe­en 6 and 7pm on the day of the exhi­bi­tion.