Zofia Gramz cooperates with the W-arte Shop


godz. 16:30

tylko na naszym InstaStories

Tomor­row we have a spe­cial event for you thro­ugh Social Media Atten­tion atten­tion!
On Mon­day, we’ll do a live report from Zofia Gramz’s stu­dio for you on fb and insta­gram! You will have a uni­que oppor­tu­ni­ty to see how the artist cre­ates a dra­wing.

Zofia Gramz is also the author of ani­ma­ted and video films. Howe­ver, her favo­ri­te medium is dra­wing (black ink on paper), she calls dra­wing “thin­king in the pro­cess”, “the third area of ​​thin­king – dre­aming by doing”.
Be with us on Mon­day!