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W-arte! The music videos of Maria Peszek

The music videos of Maria Peszek


godz. 19:30

W-arte! Łowicka 56/3

The guests of the second meeting abo­ut music vide­os will inc­lu­de Kaje­tan Plis, the direc­tor of pho­to­gra­phy behind “Ej Maria” and “Samot­ny tata” (Maria Peszek) as well as the­ir direc­tor, Anna Mali­szew­ska.
After the scre­ening, our guests will tell us abo­ut the­ir inspi­ra­tions and back­gro­und of the video pro­duc­tion, as well as abo­ut the col­la­bo­ra­tion with musi­cians and actors. How does one wri­te the script for a music video and incor­po­ra­tes lyrics in the­re? What is the role of the pro­duc­tion and costu­me design in esta­bli­shing the aesthe­tics?

Fur­ther­mo­re, we will exa­mi­ne the music video for­mat thro­ugh the eyes of a rese­ar­cher of cul­tu­re – we will look at the trans­for­ma­tions in post-pro­duc­tion, as well as the social and cul­tu­ral con­text of the visu­als.

The meeting will be mode­ra­ted by Wero­ni­ka Lewan­dow­ska, a cul­tu­re expert, and a rese­ar­cher devo­ted to the new media stu­dies and trans­i­tions per­ta­ining to audio­vi­su­al sto­ry­tel­ling.